Saturday, November 17, 2007

3 Ways to Eliminate Man Boobs

The 300 Workout for
Getting Rid of Those Man Boobs!

Man Boobs are a term for fat that has accumulated around the chest area of a man creating the look of female breasts – and saggy ones at that – on a male body.

Most all men can get this look after gaining some unwanted fat pounds. However, a good portion of men who have previously worked out or have had a good amount of muscularity seem to get this look more often. That is because they once had firm chest muscles that have now atrophied (shrunk) and have become flaccid creating more of a “sagging” chest look, hence, man-boobs.

In either case, there are a few steps you can take to naturally diminish or totally rid yourself of this unsightly look. You’ll look and feel much better about yourself after a few weeks effort.

First, let’s differentiate between having excess fat around the chest area and another condition known as, gynocomastia. Gynocomastia is a more serious condition of having fat deposits grow around the chest’s nipple area and is usually caused from athletes that have taken anabolic steroids. This is a more permanent condition that requires surgery to remove the breast tissue that has formed. What we’re addressing here is the common condition of having man-boobs from simply being overweight.

There are three main areas you need to focus on, 1) having healthier eating habits, 2) exercising strategically to tighten up your chest area, and 3) do interval cardio training to burn off excess fat.

1) Eating Healthier means to eat a balanced diet of plants, fish and animal protein. It also means to eat more vegetables and fruits. Your carbohydrates should be coming from more natural sources, not refined sugars. Moderation is your best approach when it comes to eating habits.

2) Strategic exercise for reducing man-boobs is to include exercises that focus on targeting the three divisions of your pectoralis major (chest) muscles. You have an upper region that attach into your collarbones and upper sternum. There’s a middle region that attach along your sternum, and then a lower division that attaches into your lower sternum and ribs. All three divisions run in a fan shape that narrows into an attachment on the inside of your upper arm. I’ll list a few of the chest exercises to target these areas later in this article.

3) Interval training is an excellent method of cardiovascular training that will burn calories (and fat) quickly by involving bouts of low intensity mixed with bouts of high intensity. For example, you begin with a fast walk for about 2 minutes and then quickly build up into a full sprint for about 30-45 seconds. You then reduce speed back to a fast walking pace. You interchange these two paces of walking for 2 minutes followed by 45 seconds of sprinting about six times.

CLICK HERE for an example of a 300 Workout routine with moving animation pictures that will help reduce and even rid you of unsightly man-boobs and create a chest like a plate of armor.

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